Hesperides backend

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Hesperides is an open source tool generating configuration files from a given template with mustaches and the properties it stores per environment.

The frontend lives in this repo: https://github.com/voyages-sncf-technologies/hesperides-gui

Development status: this project is currently maintained & actively developped by e-Voyageurs SNCF. The list of features planned is available in ROADMAP.md.

To test the app quickly

docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml -f docker/docker-compose-mongo.yml up -d


Or just launch the application with those Spring Profiles: noldap, fake_mongo


Build the whole project:

mvn package

Build Docker image

docker build . -t hesperides/hesperides

This Java Spring Boot application uses MongoDB for storage and Axon to implement event sourcing.

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Available online at https://voyages-sncf-technologies.github.io/hesperides-gui/


All the last features & fixes are listed there: CHANGELOG.md.


Hesperides is licensed under the GPL V3 license

Contributing & development environment installation

Please check the dedicated CONTRIBUTING page. We are open to pull requests. Please first discuss your intentions via Issues.