CardinalPGM Build Status

This is the next PGM clone.

Downloads can be found on It is imperative that users stay on the latest version, so please check for updates regularly.

Feel free to submit pull requests and/or issues to help further development. If you find an issue, please submit an issue so a developer can resolve it as soon as possible. If an issue is found with a dependency, submit your issue to the dependency's repository.


A full instalation guide can be found here

Issue Reporting

Before creating an issue:

When creating an issue, be careful to follow the following guidelines:


Before submitting a Pull Request, to increase the chances of the pull request being merged, make sure to follow the following guidelines:


To compile and run the latest development version of CardinalPGM, you will need JDK8 and Apache-Maven. On most Linux distributions, you can find both packages in your default repositories. To compile, simply run mvn clean install in your command line, in the CardinalPGM directory. The plugin should be found in target/, as CardinalPGM-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.