Twitter will be discontinuing support for Twitter Kit on October 31, 2018. Read the blog post here.

Twitter Kit for Android

Twitter Kit is a multi-module gradle project containing several Twitter SDKs including TweetComposer, TwitterCore, and TweetUi. Twitter Kit is designed to make interacting with Twitter seamless and efficient.

Twitter Kit Features

Getting Started

Install using Bintray JCenter

Add twitter dependency to your build.gradle:

repositories {

dependencies {
  compile('[email protected]') {
    transitive = true

Building from source

Rename samples/app/ to samples/app/ and populate the consumer key and secret.

To build the entire project run

./gradlew assemble

Run all automated tests on device to verify.

./gradlew test connectedCheck

To run the sample app

./gradlew :samples:app:installDebug


The master branch of this repository contains the latest stable release of Twitter Kit. See for more details about how to contribute.

Code of Conduct

This, and all projects, are under the Twitter Open Source Code of Conduct. Additionally, see the Typelevel Code of Conduct for specific examples of harassing behavior that are not tolerated.


For usage questions post on Twitter Community.

Please report any bugs as issues.

Follow @TwitterDev on Twitter for updates.


Copyright 2017 Twitter, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: