Trimou - Trim Your Mustache Templates!

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Trimou is a templating engine. It's a Mustache implementation but Helpers API inspired by Handlebars.js is also supported. The goal is to provide a simple to use and easy to extend templating engine for any Java SE or Java EE application.

There are some ready-to-use extensions which provide integration with CDI, Servlets, PrettyTime, HtmlCompressor, google-gson, JSON Processing Object Model API (JSR 353), Spring MVC, Dropwizard and EL 3.0.

Get Started

All the artifacts are available in the Maven Central Repository:


Use the MustacheEngineBuilder to build a MustacheEngine - a central point for template management.

// Build the engine - don't configure anything but use sensible defaults
MustacheEngine engine = MustacheEngineBuilder.newBuilder().build();
// Compile the template - no caching and no template locators used
Mustache mustache = engine.compileMustache("Hello {{this}}!");
// Render "Hello world!"


Building Trimou

Simply run:

$ mvn clean install