The purpose of this app is to build an SDK over the low level Android media APIs to decode video live from the Android camera into a stream ready format! Hopefully people will find it usefull in their own apps. The sample app works on Android 4.3 and up for the Nexus 5, Samsung Note 2 and Samsung S3 and probaly many others. It does not work on HTC M8 which is under investigation. The code may work on Android 4.1 and up but this varies by device because it is dependant on the hardware codec built into its GPU. The sample app is very basic, it allow you to pick the front or back camera and then press record. Several seconds of vieo and audio will be saved into the memory of the device. Then the video and audio will be encoded into H264/AAC format. I will use the MediaMuxer class to create a MPEG-4 file streamable file that I save in the device SD card under "/Movies". You built in video player on your device should be able to play it. If not I recommend VLC excellant beta Android video player. I will then start a web server on your device and attempt to stream the Mp4 file there. This project is under active development so expect a rough ride initially. Please only install on developer phones unless you like having an app lock up your mobile device. Most Android smartphones use Qualcomm's hardware encoder and the software will work on those devices as that is what my Nexus 5 has and that it what the software is being debugged on. I gone to great length to break up the functionality into clasees that do one thing and one thing only making reuse possible Still some of the file are many hundreds of lines long. The possibilities are endless with this technology, basically anything you can dream up with Video and Audio on Android can be done by enhancing this app. I plan to add video filters soon. The audio recording currently not work and I still implemeneting the streaming bit.