Game of Thrones for Android Build Status

Cloned from and refactored.


I have participated in challenge and I will continue improving!

You can follow the commits flow to see my refactoring progress.

Android developers face challenges almost everyday during development: performance, security, backwards compatibility, testing... And mainly refactoring for it's own or legacy code. This repository contains a project to face an small challenge where the developer should add some new features, detect (and implement) patterns, add tests, re-think the architecture and do a clean code.

Game of Thrones for Android Challenge offers an app using an API to get data for Game of Thrones tv show. It's ready to run, it's working, but the code need to be improved. That's your challenge!

Getting started

This repository contains an Android app that retrieve a list of some Game of Thrones' characters from an API. The app shows a list of the houses of the characters, the characters themselves and a detail description of each one.

This behaviour it's done in two different Activities, one for the two lists and other for details of the character:



  1. Refactoring and practice TDD
  2. Clean Architecture with MVP
  3. Package by feature, not layer
  4. Reactive with RxJava1
  5. Play with Dagger2
  6. Capability to work offline
  7. Testing with Espresso and Mockito
  8. Animations
  9. Ui Chat

Thanks to Guillermo López for giving me the GoT Icons


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