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Kardio is a simple tool that can be configured to perform health checks on any endpoint. Kardio has a rich UI showing status and availability based on responses from REST endpoints, TCP ports, etc. It is also integrated with Slack and email for alerting.

At T-Mobile, USA, Inc. we run several massive multi-tenant Container Orchestration platforms and these platforms rely on monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, etc. A status check system that is standalone and is independent of the primary monitoring stack was required in the event of degraded performance in any part of the primary monitoring system. We started Kardio as a simple status UI for services on our platforms, and later added more features as our platforms grew and adopted Kubernetes.


For a quick test-drive of Kardio, follow the steps in Quick Start


Health Checks

Kardio has the capability to perform health checks of web services:

High Availability

Kardio supports a High Availability (HA) mode with a two-node cluster in active-passive configuration. The HA mode is designed to work across multiple regions if required.

Multi-Region/Multi Environment Support

Kardio has the capability to run on multiple Regions. The Kardio dashboard displays data for every available Environment/Region.


Kardio supports Role Based Access Control/Restrictions using LDAP integration. See RBAC Integration for more information

Feature Highlights

UI Features

Kardio UI has the following components.


For Installation instructions and to build from source please follow the Setup Guide

Announcement Blog Post

Introducing Kardio


Kardio is open-sourced under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license and is released AS-IS WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND pursuant to Section 7 of the Apache 2.0 license.