Tindroid: Tinode Messaging Client for Android

Android instant messenger using Tinode backend. Beta-quality software. Debug APKs are available in releases.

Getting support

What works:

Not done yet:


SDK (otherwise plain Java):



Demo avatars and some other graphics are from https://www.pexels.com/ under CC0 license.

Background patterns from http://subtlepatterns.com/, commercial and non-commercial use allowed with attribution.

The contacts.vcf contains a list of contacts which can be used for testing. Push it to your emulator using command

adb push contacts.vcf /sdcard/contacts.vcf`

Push notifications

If you want to use the app with your own server and want push notification to work you have to set them up:


The app is currently available in the following languages:

Pull requests with more translations are welcome. See Russian and Chinese translations as examples.


App screenshot - chat list App screenshot - chat App screenshot - chat settings App screenshot - account info App screenshot - searching for contacts App screenshot - creating new topic