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TigerGraph is dedicated to building the world's fastest and most scalable graph platform. We also know that a product is nothing without its community. This repository is dedicated to providing TigerGraph's community with all the essential in-house and community-developed tools to get the most value out of your TigerGraph solutions.

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TigerGraph Ecosystem

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Graph Fundementals is a course designed for people who are new to graph database and graph-based analytics. There are four modules that are designed to take you from a graph newbie to being fluent in the concepts, capabilities and use cases of a native parallel graph database.

GSQL 101 provides the basics of programming in GSQL, and enables you to create and use TigerGraph’s graph database and analytics solution

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If you think you've found a bug, first read the how to report a bug and follow its instructions.

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If you think you have found a vulnerability, please report responsibly. Don't create GitHub issues for security issues. Instead, please send an email to [email protected] and we'll look into it immediately.


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