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1. 什么是 NONo-Android?


2. NONo-Android 是怎么构建的?



尽管NONo-Android 源码的整体架构在现在看来可能有一些落后,但我仍然希望能够帮助到你的学习。如果你能参与进来并进行重构和优化,我将感激不尽。

NONo-Android 基本架构

3. 你可以从这个开源项目得到什么:

NONo-Android 基本囊括了所有移动端常见的开发需求,而且还在不断成长!具体包括:

4. 成为下一个NONo-Android的源码贡献者!

如果你真的对NONo-Android感兴趣,并且想为其贡献代码,请邮件 联系我

如果你是个中国开发者,请加入 QQ 群

English Version

1. What's NONo-Android?

The Android application of NONo---The Next Generation of personal cloud Note platform.

You can download the apk from here to preview.

2. How To make the NONo-Android?

The whole application is fully driven by event stream untill now.

All codes including a rich-text-editor module which is written by my good friend are free for anyone to use!Just let me know!

Although the architecture of the project may seem a bit outdated at the present,I still hope you can make some pull requests and fork it.

NONo-Android Architecture

3. You can Get!

NONo-Android includes All common mobile development needs and is growing quickly now!

4. Dare to be the next contributor!

If you are really insterested in this project,and want to be a contributor of it,just feel free to contact me and take part in it!

In the case that you are a chinese developer,I also make a QQ group for all conveninence.