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TMC plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

TMC-IntelliJ is the IntelliJ IDEA plugin for University of Helsinki's TestMyCode framework. TestMyCode is used by various online programming courses for exercise testing and submitting.

The plugin is available to be downloaded through the Jetbrains plugin repository.

If you want to develop the plugin yourself, please refer to the instructions below:


Setting up the project locally

Once you have the code on your local environment:

Now everything should be ready and all the code compilable.

How to run the plugin

Note, again, this is just if you want to develop it. If you actually want to use the plugin to submit your course exercises, then you might want to refer to the instructions above about the alpha version.

A new window for IntelliJ IDEA will open up and the Plugin will be active in that window so you can test out the TMC functions as you wish.


New releases may be uploaded to:


This plugin was developed for RAGE team of the department of Computer Science in University of Helsinki during course Software Production Project, Summer 2016.

Original developers