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SyntheaTM is a Synthetic Patient Population Simulator. The goal is to output synthetic, realistic (but not real), patient data and associated health records in a variety of formats.

Read our wiki for more information.

Currently, SyntheaTM features include:

Developer Quick Start

These instructions are intended for those wishing to examine the Synthea source code, extend it or build the code locally. Those just wishing to run Synthea should follow the Basic Setup and Running instructions instead.


System Requirements: SyntheaTM requires Java 1.8 or above.

To clone the SyntheaTM repo, then build and run the test suite:

git clone
cd synthea
./gradlew build check test

Changing the default properties

The default properties file values can be found at src/main/resources/ By default, synthea does not generate CCDA, CPCDA, CSV, or Bulk FHIR (ndjson). You'll need to adjust this file to activate these features. See the wiki for more details.

Generate Synthetic Patients

Generating the population one at a time...


Command-line arguments may be provided to specify a state, city, population size, or seed for randomization.

Usage is

run_synthea [-s seed] [-p populationSize] [-m moduleFilter] [state [city]]

For example:

Some settings can be changed in ./src/main/resources/

SyntheaTM will output patient records in C-CDA and FHIR formats in ./output.

SyntheaTM GraphViz

Generate graphical visualizations of SyntheaTM rules and modules.

./gradlew graphviz

Concepts and Attributes

Generate a list of concepts (used in the records) or attributes (variables on each patient).

./gradlew concepts
./gradlew attributes


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