Indigenous for Android

An IndieWeb app with extensions for sharing information to micropub endpoints and reading from microsub endpoints.

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No builds will be uploaded anymore to GitHub, use F-Droid for that.

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Looking for the Desktop client? See


Checkin, Geocache and Venue are experimental and pass on all information into a Geo URI in the geo property, e.g.



Known issues

Authentication loop

When authenticating for the first time, you might see a message "Authentication successul" but then returning to the Sign in screen. While the account has been created, the default was not set. In this case, the sign in screen will allow you to select the account.

This happens sometimes, but not always.

Known syndication targets not parsed



Notifications don't arrive after the app is closed

This is due to new default settings in the latest Android versions. Try turning of battery optimization for the Indigenous app and it should work fine.


Indigenous is currently only available in English. If you want to translate to another language (or make the default English better), the following file contains all strings used in the app. Either send a pull request or open an issue with the file attached. Some strings contain '%s'. These are placeholders and should be kept.


This app uses following external libraries:

Other Micropub and Microsub clients

There are ton of other (mobile) clients, see and