Primefaces Blueprints


Aimed to educate the reader to full set of PrimeFaces Components with the help of various real time Application. Beginners to understand the ERP application and its standards.


PrimeFaces Blueprints will guide you through the process of creating a wide range of rich UI web applications based on successful, real world business models. Each chapter comes with a custom web project which you can build with a detailed step by step procedure. This is accompanied by explanations of the key features used. By the end of each chapter, reader will have learnt how to build specific customized web applications using the PrimeFaces components. The projects inside this book make use of the latest versions of PrimeFaces (version 5.0) and JSF (version 2.2).


  1. Learn to utilize the Rich UI Components of PrimeFaces and its robust features of those components with the help of real time successful business model.
  2. Business models covers almost all major business requirements and almost all the major variation of PrimeFaces components which enable to make the reader comfort with well known real time business examples.
  3. Step-by-step guide and line by line explanation of code and its functionality, makes the intermediate readers to get full confidants.
  4. Learning many business models in one place is a easy pick an go, which deliver the best learning experience to the readers.

What makes this book stand up

  1. One stop for learning 10 different successful real time business models.
  2. Creating rich UI application using industries best known UI Framework.
  3. Building an enterprise standard application with step by step development procedures.
  4. Understanding the easiest possible way of Customization which makes the software development process handy and convenient.
  5. Learning the way to enable dynamic layout design based on the specific requirement by using Layout component provided from PrimeFaces.
  6. Utilizing the various variety of input elements provided by PrimeFaces,
  7. The use of menu and its various variation to enable the fast responsive navigation system for each application.
  8. Enabling the application to interactive and non interactive mode to perform specified tasks like monitoring and alert system.

Projects Included

Chapter # Project Title
Chapter 01 Creating your own Simple Hello World Application
Chapter 02 An Employee Registration Application
Chapter 03 Restaurant POS Application
Chapter 04 Global Mutual Funds Tracking
Chapter 05 Global Investor information Analysis
Chapter 06 Online Shopping Cart application
Chapter 07 Movie Portal application
Chapter 08 Online Printing Station
Chapter 09 Online Chat application
Chapter 10 Health Care Products application

Author : Ramkumar Pillai & Sudheer Jonna

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