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Apache Kafka bridge

This project provides a software component which acts as a bridge between different standard protocols and an Apache Kafka cluster. The available protocols are:

It provides a different way to interact with Apache Kafka because the latter natively supports only a custom (proprietary) protocol. Thanks to the bridge, all clients which can speak different standard protocols can connect to Apache Kafka cluster in order to send and receive messages to / from topics.

Running the bridge

On Kubernetes and OpenShift

You can use the Strimzi Kafka operator to deploy the Kafka Bridge with HTTP support on Kubernetes and OpenShift.

On bare-metal / VM

Download the ZIP or TAR.GZ file from the GitHub release page and unpack it. Afterwards, edit the config/ file which contains the configuration. Once your configuration is ready, start the bridge using:

bin/ --config-file config/


Documentation to the current master branch as well as all releases can be found on our website.

Getting help

If you encounter any issues while using Strimzi Kafka Bridge, you can get help using:


You can contribute by:

All bugs, tasks or enhancements are tracked as GitHub issues. Issues which might be a good start for new contributors are marked with "good-start" label.

The Hacking guide describes how to build Strimzi Kafka Bridge and how to test your changes before submitting a patch or opening a PR.

The Documentation Contributor Guide describes how to contribute to Strimzi documentation.

If you want to get in touch with us first before contributing, you can use:


Strimzi Kafka Bridge is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0