Spring Boot / Spring Data JPA: A Reference Application

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Overview and History

This project is a revisit of one that I did a few years back in 2014 when I took part in the Coursera Specialization on Android Development.

During the final Capstone class, we were given the choice of several projects to implement and I chose one that was both interesting and had a personal connection: an application to help cancer patients self-report on their pain symptoms so that their doctors could be notified of extended durations of persistent pain or the inability to eat. In theory, this could help doctors to directly interact with their patients much more quickly and hopefully identify issues before letting them get out of control.

A brief article about the original project was published on the Vanderbilt School of Engineering's web site.

My original server-side implementation of the Capstone project was also my first real interaction with Spring Boot and since then, I've always felt that there many improvements that I could have made.

Below are links to my development journal with more detailed information about the challenges and decisions that I made during the ongoing implementation of the project:

My Development Journal

Additional Resources


cf curl /v2/apps/{app-id}/instances/{instance-index} -X 'DELETE'


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