The ISO/IEC 11179 family of specifications introduces a standard model for meta-data registries to increase the interoperability of applications with the use of common data elements. Jena based implementation of a standard meta-data registry, brings semantic processing and reasoning capabilities on top of the common data elements and their consumer applications.



Apache Maven is required to build the Semantic MDR. Please visit in order to install Maven on your system.

Under the root directory of the semanticMDR project run the following:

$ semanticMDR> mvn install

In order to make a clean install run the following:

$ semanticMDR> mvn clean install

In order to run the built-in Jetty web server, go under the "web" directory of semanticMDR and run the following:

$ semanticMDR/web> mvn jetty:run 

Default web server will run on 8080 port of your machine. You can run the web server on another port as in the following:

$ semanticMDR/web> mvn -Djetty.port=9999 jetty:run

You can see the login page of the semanticMDR from your browser by going to:


Default installation comes with a default test user.


Shut down


Open source implementation should be shut down by hitting "CTRL+C" key on the running command prompt for the jetty server. Otherwise (if the associated JVM shuts down instantly), TDB store of the Semantic MDR may expose some problems on the next run.



To run this demo cd to demo folder

$ semanticMDR> cd demo

Start demo by deploying services to jetty

$ semanticMDR/demo> mvn jetty:run

As default value, service starts to run under port 9090, just point your web browser to


Main functionality of this demo is to design a form and auto population of this form from a patient summary using MDR Annotations.