Semantic Word Cloud Visualization

Cloudy is a system to create semantics-aware word cloud visualizations. A live version of this code is available, including a description of the algorithms implemented and several research papers describing how the system works.

Basic Setup and Usage Information

The system comes as a command line tool or via web interface. It can also be used as a java library.

Command line usage:

  1. Install Java SE Runtime Environment 8+

  2. Download cloudy.jar

  3. Prepare input text file and invoke the tool by running "java -jar cloudy.jar [options] [input file]" (without quotes). The options can be printed by running "java -jar cloudy.jar -?"

Using web interface:

  1. Install Java SE Runtime Environment 8+

  2. Install GWT library

  3. Download cloudy and webapp projects

  4. Follow the instructions on how to compile and deploy the web application


Code is released under the MIT License.