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SicMu Player for Android

Every songs of the phone are put in a unique big song list.

Songs are sorted and grouped by folders, artists, albums and album's track.

Works on old slow small devices (from Android froyo 2.2).

3.5" screen:

Tree folder list  Artist list Menu option


More screenshots


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Detailed features


Todo (perhaps :-)

Detailed todo list available in TODO.txt.


Lot's of time saved thanks to Sue Smith's tutorials on creating a Music Player on Android.

Use some icons done by Daniele De Santis (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported), found on

Seekbar style created by Jérôme Van Der Linden (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported), found on and file mostly copied from official android music player (Apache License, Version 2.0).


Compiled with Android Studio. Non regression tests are available in the androidTest folder. Tested on Gingerbread (2.3.6), Nexus 4 JellyBean (4.1.2), Samsung S3 (4.3), Nexus 5 Lollipop (5.0).

Feel free to add GitHub issues (feature request, bugs...). If you need a feature that is in the todolist, open a feature request on github to speed up its development.

A UML class diagram describe a bit the architecture for people that would want to develop the software UmlClass.png.

SicMu player pronounced zicmu. S is for Super Simple Sorted Souch player.


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SicMu Player is licensed under the GPLv3. See file LICENSE for more details.