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Rqueue: Redis Queue,Task Queue, Delayed Queue for Spring and Spring Boot

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Rqueue is an asynchronous task executor(worker) built for spring framework based on the spring framework's messaging library backed by Redis. It can be used as message broker as well, where all services code is in Spring.


Getting Started



Spring framework

  1. Add annotation EnableRqueue on application config class
  2. Provide a RedisConnectionFactory bean

A Simple Spring Configuration

public class Application{
  public RedisConnectionFactory redisConnectionFactory(){
    // return a redis connection factory

Message publishing/Task submission

All messages need to be sent using RqueueMessageSender bean's enqueueXXX, enqueueInXXX and enqueueAtXXX methods. It has handful number of enqueue, enqueueIn, enqueueAt methods, we can use one of them based on the use case.

public class MessageService {
  @AutoWired private RqueueMessageSender rqueueMessageSender;

  public void doSomething(){
    rqueueMessageSender.enqueue("simple-queue", "Rqueue is configured");

  public void createJOB(Job job){
    rqueueMessageSender.enqueue("job-queue", job);

  // send notification in 30 seconds
   public void sendNotification(Notification notification){
    rqueueMessageSender.enqueueIn("notification-queue", notification, 30*1000L);

  // enqueue At example
  public void createInvoice(Invoice invoice, Instant instant){
    rqueueMessageSender.enqueueAt("invoice-queue", invoice, instant);

  // enqueue with priority, when sub queues are used as explained in the queue priority section.
  enum SmsPriority{
      private String value;
  public void sendSms(Sms sms, SmsPriority priority){
    rqueueMessageSender.enqueueWithPriority("sms-queue", priority.value(), sms);

Worker/Consumer/Task executor/Listener

Any method that's part of spring bean, can be marked as worker/message listener using RqueueListener annotation

public class MessageListener {
  @RqueueListener(value = "simple-queue")
  public void simpleMessage(String message) {
    log.info("simple-queue: {}", message);

  @RqueueListener(value = "job-queue", numRetries="3", 
    deadLetterQueue="failed-job-queue", concurrency="5-10")
  public void onMessage(Job job) {
    log.info("Job alert: {}", job);

  @RqueueListener(value = "push-notification-queue",numRetries="3", 
  public void onMessage(Notification notification) {
    log.info("Push notification: {}", notification);

  @RqueueListener(value = "sms", priority="critical=10,high=8,medium=4,low=1")
  public void onMessage(Sms sms) {
    log.info("Sms : {}", sms);

  @RqueueListener(value = "chat-indexing", priority="20", priorityGroup="chat")
  public void onMessage(ChatIndexing chatIndexing) {
    log.info("ChatIndexing message: {}", chatIndexing);

  @RqueueListener(value = "chat-indexing-daily", priority="10", priorityGroup="chat")
  public void onMessage(ChatIndexing chatIndexing) {
    log.info("ChatIndexing message: {}", chatIndexing);

  @RqueueListener(value = "chat-indexing-weekly", priority="5", priorityGroup="chat")
  public void onMessage(ChatIndexing chatIndexing) {
    log.info("ChatIndexing message: {}", chatIndexing);

Queue Statistics

Grafana Dashboard


Link: http://localhost:8080/rqueue

Execution Page

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In Production

If you're one of the Rqueue users, please raise a PR/issue to get your organization listed here.



Please report bug,question,feature(s) to issue tracker.

You are most welcome for any pull requests for any feature/bug/enhancement. You would need Java8 and gradle to start with. In root build.gradle file comment out spring related versions, or set environment variables for Spring versions.

Please format your code with Google Java formatter.

//    springBootVersion = '2.1.0.RELEASE'
//    springVersion = '5.1.2.RELEASE'
//    springDataVersion = '2.1.2.RELEASE'
//    microMeterVersion = '1.1.0'



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The Rqueue is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.