YouTube client for Android

This is a full featured YouTube client for Android that lets the user view either a single or a custom list of YouTube channels.

Prebuild apks found here.

This project should build easily without errors in the latest Android Studio. Let me know if you have any problems.

There are many build variants for single channeled apps, but you probably would be most interested in the 'technews' build variant as that enables you to customize the list of YouTube channels. The default set of channels for technews is tech related channels, but these can be edited to your own favorites. Each build variant contains a subfolder with only style and string differences. The core code shared for all variants. To build your own variant, just copy the examples already there, modify the styles and edit build.gradle to add the new variant.

The single channel apps were an experiment in UI. Currnently you can open up the Android YouTube app and click on a subscribed channel in the navigation drawer to view a favorite channel. That's great, but since I already use the app launcher to launch content I'm interested in, why not make that also launch YouTube channels directly? Why does the user need 2 ways of navigating content when the application launcher already serves this purpose?

I did some work months ago on Chromecast support, so it's 99% there. Fixing this would be great. Last I checked YouTube clients were not supported for Chromecast, so please confirm this has been changed before working on this.

The bulk of the code is in /UTubeTVProject/UTubeTV/main/ There are lots of subfolders in UTubeTV for the different build variants.

This app uses many popular third party libraries, so it contains many real world working examples of using these libraries.

Building your own custom apps

Feel free to build your own variants of these apps and share them with your friends.

If you plan on using this code to build your own apps, you will want to get your own YouTube Developer id for "Public API access". It's free and easy to obtain. See this page: code.google.com/apis/console. Look in Constants.java to paste in your key.

The technews build variant allow you to access a users YouTube subcription list, so set up your own OAuth 2 client id on that same page above if you want to use that feature, but it's not required to build and run the app if you don't care about that feature. Email me if you need help setting this up.

I welcome your pull requests!

Developed by: Distant Future Technologies.