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Vert.x Kue is a priority task queue developed with Vert.x and backed by Redis. It's a Vert.x implementation version of Automattic/kue.

This blueprint is an introduction to message-based application development using Vert.x.

Detailed Document

Detailed documents and tutorials:


For the detail of the features, please see Vert.x Kue Features.


First build the code:

gradle build -x test

Run in local

Vert.x Kue requires Redis running:


Then we can run the example:

java -jar kue-core/build/libs/vertx-blueprint-kue-core.jar -cluster
java -jar kue-http/build/libs/vertx-blueprint-kue-http.jar -cluster
java -jar kue-example/build/libs/vertx-blueprint-kue-example.jar -cluster

Then you can visit http://localhost:8080 to inspect the queue via Kue UI in the browser.

Run with Docker Compose

To run Vert.x Kue with Docker Compose:

docker-compose up --build

Then you can run your applications in the terminal. For example:

java -jar kue-example/build/libs/vertx-blueprint-kue-example.jar -cluster


Diagram - How Vert.x Kue works

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