Welcome to JSqsh

JSqsh (pronounced jay-skwish) is short for Java SQl Shell, a console based tool that allows the ability to query a database with functionality of your typical shell, such as command line editing, tab completion, variable expansion, redirection of output to files, or the ability to pipe the output of the query execution to an external program (grep, more, etc.).

Awesome Screenshot

JSqsh has extensive built-in documentation, however for those that prefer point-and-click learning, you can get an introduction to jsqsh using the jsqsh wiki:

I totally welcome contributions, questions, and feedback. Feel free to contact me at scottgray1-at-gmail.com.


The latest release is version 2.3. Pre-packaged binaries are available for:


JSqsh is held under the Apache License Version 2.0. The details of the license are available in the LICENSE file included herein.

99.9% Pure

The core of jsqsh is Java, meaning that it should compile on virtually any platform that Java runs on. However, there are two features of jsqsh that are provided via an additional (optional) layer that is written in C. These features are:

The second bullet means that without the C layer, programs that jsqsh spawns that need to control the terminal (such as a text editor) or query the terminal's size (such as 'more') will not function properly.