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sciview - interactive visualisation in vr for fiji & imagej2

SciView is an ImageJ/FIJI plugin for 3D visualization of images and meshes. It uses scenery as a rendering backend and supports rendering to VR headsets via OpenVR.

sciview running the Game of Life 3D demo

sciview running the Game of Life 3D demo (see Demo > Game of Life 3D).

Documentation is being developed.

Adding to Fiji

In Fiji, go to Help -> Update and activate the SciView update site. In case you need to add it manually, the address is

Note you can access the latest version of SciView (as reflected by the master branch of this repository) by adding this update site to ImageJ manually:


Kyle Harrington, University of Idaho & Ulrik Guenther, MPI-CBG



In case you use sciview or scenery in a scientific publication, please cite this paper:



Triggering uploads to the update site:

Add either [SV_IJ_DEPLOY_UNSTABLE] or [SV_IJ_DEPLOY_PRIMARY] to a commit message