Disclaimer: This is in no way, shape or form an official plugin provided by SAP. It is just something I came up with in my spare time, and reflects what I (up until now) always did by hand and/or hacked together in ad-hoc build scripts.

Gradle Plugins for SAP (Hybris) Commerce 2.0.0

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Bootstrap, configure and build your SAP Commerce (Hybris) project using Gradle 5+.

For the user documentation, please check the Wiki\ There are also various examples available in sap-commerce-tools, check the repositories ending with -example

(The plugins are already published to https://plugins.gradle.org/, so you can just use them for your commerce project)

Published Plugin Documentation Description
mpern.sap.commerce.build Documentation Automates the developer setup and allows you to work with the platform build inside gradle
mpern.sap.commerce.build.ccv2 Documentation Use manifest.json to configure and build your "Commerce Cloud in the Public Cloud" (aka CCv2) project locally
mpern.sap.commerce.ccv1.package Documentation Creates CCv1 compliant deployment packages (Deployment Packagaging Guidelines v.2.3.3)

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