This is a fork of the project android-vlc-remote created by Peter Baldwin. It allows you to control media playback of VideoLAN Client (VLC) from your Android-powered mobile device.


This fork has increased the minimum API version on which it will run. It now requires Ice Cream Sandwich (API 14). Any pull requests are welcome to increase compatibility.

This has been tested with VLC 1.1, VLC 2.0.x, VLC 2.1.x and VLC 2.2.0 nightlies.


There is an install guide available at You can also find a list of FAQ's at


Media Filename Detection

Filenames are matched against various regular expressions to detect the media information. The regular expressions are far from perfect and any improvements are welcome.

TV Episodes

The TV show name, season number and episode number will try to be detected, as will the episode name if it is present. If the episode name is not present, the filename will be displayed instead.


The movie name, year, source and quality of the movie will try to be determined.


Tablet and landscape screenshots are located in the screenshots/ directory. Playback Controls Settings

VLC Changes

The HTTP interface has a few different API versions which can lead to different behaviour on different VLC versions.

VLC Bugs


android-vlc-remote is distributed under the GNU GPL version 3 or later. Please read the file LICENSE for more details.