This code is being used in production by multiple members, but is not the "official" version. See

Prebid Server

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Prebid Server is an open source implementation of Server-Side Header Bidding. It is managed by, and upholds the principles from the Prebid Code of Conduct.

This project does not support the same set of Bidders as Prebid.js, although there is overlap. The current set can be found in the adapters package. If you don't see the one you want, feel free to contribute it.

For more information, see:


When running, the server responds to several HTTP endpoints.

The server makes the following assumptions:


This project is built upon Vert.x to achieve high request throughput. We use Maven and attempt to introduce minimal dependencies.

Getting Started

To start the Prebid Server you need to do the following steps:

More detailed project documentation can be found here.