SwingSane - A cross-platform, Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) frontend.

Build Status


The latest release can be downloaded from swingsane.com.


SwingSane is a cross platform, open source Java client (frontend) for Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) servers (backends). SwingSane provides access to scanners connected to SANE servers on a network on any platform that supports Java and Swing. It can also be used with your own application to provide some Swing code for accessing SANE scanners.

SwingSane was originally developed as a library for FormReturn OMR Software, to provide Linux users with built-in access to scanners. You can see an example of the implemented library if you download the trial and click the scan forms button.

SwingSane was also intended to be an example of one way to use JFreeSane, the core library used by SwingSane.

SwingSane is licensed under Apache 2. If you have the ability, please help contribute to the project by adding your patches, submitting your scanner.xml or just forking the project and making something better.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials can be found on the SwingSane youtube channel.


To create a bin distribution, install Maven 2 and run:

A bin package will be created in the target directory, called swingsane(version)-bin.zip.


If you wish to install directly from the jar file, unzip the bin distribution and run the following:

If you are using Linux, SwingSane will automatically create a Gnome desktop launcher file for your convenience.


Packaging scripts for Windows, Mac and Linux are available in the swingsane-package repository.