Nanoleaf for Desktop

Looking for a desktop alternative to the Nanoleaf mobile app? Look no further. Now you can control your devices from your computer on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


No installation necessary! Simply download the latest release from the releases page and run the .jar file. If you are on Windows or Mac, you can also download their platform-specific executable files. This application requires Java, so make sure that you have at least java 8 installed.


Ambient Lighting

The ambient lighting feature allows your panels to display what is currently on your computer in real time. This can be used to enhance your experience while watching movies, playing games, or listening to music (with an audio visualizer). This feature supports some multi-monitor setups, and allows you to set specific "zones" on your screen to be captured instead of the entire screen at once.

Ambient lighting has two modes:

Spotify Integration

This feature allows you to synchronize your Spotify music with your Nanoleaf lights in real time. This feature does not require the rhythm module to function, and it does not support rhythm effects downloaded from the Nanoleaf mobile app.

The currently available effects include:

More effects will be added soon.

Panel Preview

The panel preview displays a live* preview of your device's panels. The preview panels can be moved around, rotated, and zoomed on the screen. Move the panels by holding down left click and dragging the mouse anywhere in the preview window. Rotate the panels by holding down right click in the preview window and moving the mouse right or left. Zoom in or out using the mouse scroll wheel.

*This is a work in progress. The panel preview can currently only display "static" type and "custom" type effects. Dynamic and rhythm effects are not yet supported. The ambient lighting preview is also not currently supported.


An example of a custom effect being displayed on the live preview (below).


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