This repository has been re-initialized on 02/23/2017

Previous state of the repository

Always On AMOLED


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You can view a list of known issues and feature requests using the issue tracker. If you don't see your issue (or you aren't sure) feel free to submit it!

Early releases testing

Join the early testing channel right here to get the latest updates first. These updates might be unstable, so if you run into any issue please feel free to leave a report at the Google Plus community page, github issue tracker or my personal email.


I created a translation program for the app. If you can and want to contribute, you can do it right here :)


Copyright 2016 Tomer Rosenfeld

I require that if you use any code from this repository that you send me a message to let me know.
Moreover, I do not permit redistribution of this application on the Google Play Store.

Feel free to contact me for more information.