Unity android bluetooth plugin for study


This project is based on the BluetoothChat example. It is part of my [DIY VR Controller project]() and was created to study how to use Android modules in Unity & Unreal.

How to use

  1. Since the Bluetooth object is a singleton, it can be accessed and used immediately. You can access Java code through the Bluetooth object.
    private Bluetooth bluetooth = null;
            /* ... */
    bluetooth = Bluetooth.getInstance();
            /* ... */
  2. Android events are updated in the BluetoothModel. BluetoothModel is BtObservable. If you want to observe updated data, you can subscribe by implementing the IBtObserver interface.
    public class BluetoothController : MonoBehaviour, IBtObserver {
    private Bluetooth bluetooth;
    private BluetoothModel bluetoothModel;
  3. Now, you can refer to the event method list and design it in detail. :)


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