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This module could be used in Spring Web Service project for filter(exclude) of fields in Service response. When you used Jackson @JsonView interface and need more powerful and flexibility, this module could be useful. For information please follow the links below.


Article in medium.com

Article in dzone.com


You can view all samples in GitHub Samples

Or you can try it Online


Diagram of module flowchart



For using this module you need to import dependency


Getting started

For activation of JFilter module just add next annotation


Example o usage

This example illustrates how easy you can configure Service Response. Just add FieldFilterSetting annotation with filterable fields and module will exclude them from response

    @FieldFilterSetting(className = User.class, fields = {"id", "password", "secretKey"})

    @RequestMapping(value = "/users/signIn",
            params = {"email", "password"}, method = RequestMethod.POST,
            consumes = {MediaType.APPLICATION_FORM_URLENCODED_VALUE},
            produces = {MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE})            
    public User signIn(@RequestParam("email") String email, @RequestParam("password") String password) {
        return userController.signInUser(email, password);
  "id": 10,
  "email": "[email protected]", 
  "fullName": "Jane Doe",
  "password": "12345",
  "secretKey": "54321",
  "address": {
    "id": 15,
    "apartmentNumber": 22,
    "street": {
      "id": 155,
      "streetName": "Bourbon Street",
      "streetNumber": 15
  "email": "[email protected]", 
  "fullName": "Jane Doe",
  "address": {
    "id": 15,
    "apartmentNumber": 22,
    "street": {
      "id": 155,
      "streetName": "Bourbon Street",
      "streetNumber": 15

Release notes

Version 1.0.17

* Added ability to using custom Message Converters, Case #11
* Added ability to change configuration of exist ObjectMappers, Case #11
* Removed of using ConverterMapperModifier, instead module uses MixinFilter for field filtering.
  It's need for correct filtering of Java 8 types Case #12

Version 1.0.16

* Simplified setting FilterFields into session or request attibutes for using DynamicSessionFilter
* Changed artifactId of project from json-ignore to jfilter

Version 1.0.15

* Added ability to use default Spring MessageConverters MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter and MappingJackson2XmlHttpMessageConverter instead of FilterConverter
* Added FilterXmlMapper and FilterObjectMapper for overriding default ObjectMapper and XmlMapper when using default Spring MessageConverters
* Changed generic type from Serializable to Object in FilterConverter

Version 1.0.14

* Refactored FilterConverter class for inheriting AbstractHttpMessageConverter instead of HttpMessageConverter
* Added Comparator class for simplify if...else branching. Including in dynamic filter components
* Refactored DynamicSessionFilter component

Version 1.0.13

* Fixed bug with LocalDateTime serializing

Version 1.0.12

* Added ObjectMapperCache for caching of ObjectMapper from each method in Spring controller
* Added FilterConfiguration for extending of exist list of ObjectMappers and enabling/disabling of module
* Refactored code mechanizm of serializing Spring http messages

Version 1.0.11

* Added HttpServletRequest in RequestSession for using in DynamicFilterComponent Case #6 
* Added FilterBehaviour for keep/hide filtering fields Case #7 

Version 1.0.10

* Fixed bug in integration with Swagger UI Case #3

Version 1.0.9

* Fixed bug "No converter found for return value of type" Case #1
* Added little features from Case #4, Case #5 

Version 1.0.8

* Added Dynamic Filter which allows to create own filters with custom behaviour
* Added DynamicSessionFilter for storing custom field filter in session
* Added feature for auto loading XML Schema-based configuration filter when it changed on runtime
* Changed package name from com.json.ignore to com.jfilter 
* Changed package from advice to components
* Fixed bug in FileFilter which not allowed to load xml configuration from external source

Version 1.0.7

* Added FileWatcher controller which auto reloads modified XML Schema based configurations
* Refactored Javadoc
* Fixed incorrect Jackson XML dependency importing

Version 1.0.6

* Added JSON/XML converters inherited from HttpMessageConverter
* Removed native reflection and added Jackson BeanSerializerModifier for field filtering
* Added EnableJsonFilter annotation for enabling/disabling filtration
* Added ability to apply filter annotations on whole Spring Rest controller
* Fixed bugs

Version 1.0.5

* Added Filter provider for improving execution speed
* Fixed bugs 

Version 1.0.4

* Added xml Schema-based configuration
* Fixed bugs 

Version 1.0.3

* Added session strategy filtering

Version 1.0.2

* Added additional constructors

Version 1.0.0

* Initial release