Thank you for your interest in ribot’s development work. Unfortunately there are no current plans to make any changes to this project in the near future, and it is not being maintained or updated. We hope you still find this a useful resource.

ribot app Android

The official ribot app for android. It follows the architecture, tools and guidelines that we use when developing for the Android platform (


The ribot app is an internal project based off of our Android Boilerplate. It was created to make us aware of our fellow ribots locations. Currently, the app allows you to:

We've open sourced this to both showcase our efforts and allow you to recreate the experience in your own workplace - why not fork this project and give it a go?


The libraries and tools used include:


Build Instructions

In order to run this project, you'll need to setup several things beforehand:


This project follows our Android architecture guidelines. Read more about them here.

Code Quality

This project integrates a combination of unit tests, functional test and code analysis tools.


To run unit tests on your machine:

./gradlew test

To run functional tests on connected devices:

./gradlew connectedAndroidTest

Note: For Android Studio to use syntax highlighting for Automated tests and Unit tests you must switch the Build Variant to the desired mode.

Code Analysis tools

The following code analysis tools are set up on this project:

./gradlew pmd
./gradlew findbugs
./gradlew checkstyle

The check task

To ensure that your code is valid and stable use check:

./gradlew check

This will run all the code analysis tools and unit tests in the following order:

Check Diagram


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