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This project provides a mechanism to automatically (re)format your Maven project during a Maven build, or to verify its formatting, so that your project can converge on consistent code style regardless of user preferences, IDE settings, etc.

It began following a post on the topic (which can be found here; thanks to John for writing such a helpful article). It now uses the Eclipse code formatter for Java, and has grown to support formatting of other file types as well.

For a companion m2e project configurator, see formatter-m2e-configurator.

This software is provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, and is available under the Apache License, Version 2. Any code loss caused by using this plugin is not the responsibility of the author(s). Be sure to use some source repository management system such as GIT before using this plugin.

Contributions are welcome.

How to use

View the Maven plugin documentation for the latest release here.

Eclipse Compatibility

The primary use case of this plugin is to ensure consistent formatting for a project, regardless of differences between IDE preferences or IDE versions that developers use. Nevertheless, some users may find it useful to correlate versions of this plugin to the version of Eclipse whose code is used as the basis for this plugin's formatting. See the wiki for a list of recent versions of this plugin and their corresponding Eclipse versions.