An editor to build GUIs for your game engine! Powered by the powerfull nifty-gui , you could create immersive GUIs for your games in few steps! Nifty-gui has rederer support for the follow engines :

So if you use one of them you should try Nifty-Editor and Nifty-gui!

Download and news at home page. Also here is a video about the latest version , notice that this software is still in beta :


Supported Controls

Nifty editor supports all nifty-gui controls except for Tabbed panel , pop-up , menus . This list could change in the next versions . For any futher details about which are nifty-gui controls and their properties look at Nifty controls wiki

How to Contribute

Simply fork my repo and send pull requests . This is a Netbeans project so if you want to compile it you need a Netbeans installation on you desktop. In the future it maybe will become a gradle project so you would use it in your prefered java IDE.

Issues or suggestion

Please use Github issue tracker and every suggestion is appreciate! .