Dice heroes

Dice heroes is a turn based rpg-strategy game where characters are dice.

Running game locally

This project is built using gradle, so to run it you have to:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Make sure you have jdk installed
  3. In project's root, run in command line following command: gradlew desktop:run (on windows) or ./gradlew desktop:run (on mac and linux)

Alternatively, you can import cloned repository in Intellij IDEA and run desktop:run gradle task from IDE.

Project overview

  1. main directory contains platform-independent code, "meat" of the game
  2. desktop and android directories contain platform-dependent code, mostly about play services integration and in-app purchases (which are fake on desktop). To compile android project you will have to install Android SDK.
  3. editor directory has internal editor for levels, you can run it with editor:run gradle task which is similar to desktop:run. It's a bit tricky, and it does not save anything, so to test levels in actual game you have to copy-paste it's output to android/assets/levels.yml and create new level on a map.
  4. generator/gfx and generator/world-map directories contain images that are compiled into atlas before running a game.


  1. Use issues to submit bugs and feature requests. Do not use issues for personal support (use community, english or russian). Please note that all collaboration is in english language, so everyone can understand and take part in development.
  2. Feel free to submit pull requests.


  1. Code is under GNU GPLv3 (tl;dr).
  2. Images are under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (tl;dr).
  3. Sound licenses:
    • map.mp3 and ambient-battle.mp3 have All Rights Reserved license: do not distribute these sounds. Please contact Sagamor (he is author) for further details.
    • all other sounds are taken from freesound.org and modified in audacity, please help me find original authors to give them proper credits.