The app allows you to search for Xiaomi scooters lock & unlock the devices. This security concerned was put to the attention of Xiaomi and disclosed responsibly. Xiaomi responded it is publicly known and it is a third party.

PoC for iOS - https://github.com/chilik/Mi365Locker-iOS


Android library for BLE communication - https://github.com/Polidea/RxAndroidBle

Most of the BLE commands - https://github.com/maisi/M365-Power

Blog post - https://blog.zimperium.com/dont-give-me-a-brake-xiaomi-scooter-hack-enables-dangerous-accelerations-and-stops-for-unsuspecting-riders/



The app is intended to be used for education purposes only. Keep in mind not to risk your surroundings, add your scooter name or the mac address to whitelist.