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A tiny layout library on top of pdfbox. Main features are

See the Wiki for more information on the usage, or browse the javadoc.

These articles may also be useful as a short introduction:

Supports pdfbox 1.8.x and 2.x

The library comes in two flavors: one for Apache pdfbox 1.8.x, and the other for pdfbox 2.x

artifactId pdfbox version
pdfbox1-layout pdfbox 1.8.x
pdfbox2-layout pdfbox 2.x

Get it:

As of 0.2.0 pdfbox-layout is available from




   repositories { 
        maven { url "" }
   dependencies {
         compile 'com.github.ralfstuckert.pdfbox-layout:pdfbox2-layout:1.0.0'


artifact pdfbox1-layout pdfbox2-layout
binary pdfbox1-layout-1.0.0.jar pdfbox2-layout-1.0.0.jar
sources pdfbox1-layout-1.0.0-sources.jar pdfbox2-layout-1.0.0-sources.jar
javadoc pdfbox1-layout-1.0.0-javadoc.jar pdfbox2-layout-1.0.0-javadoc.jar
examples pdfbox1-layout-1.0.0-examples.jar pdfbox2-layout-1.0.0-examples.jar