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What is commons-core

It's just another light weighted Java common utilities library.

What it solves

The current problems it solves are:

IN PROGRESS: interface not fully implemented yet, or it might change/be deprecated in the future.

PROD READY: feature fully implemented with reasonable unit test coverage, breaking changes to existing interfaces are not expected.

How to use

Available in maven central:


Or if you use gradle:

repositories {

dependencies {
  compile 'org.raistlic.lib:commons-core:1.4'

Javadoc (1.4)

Sample Code - Precondition Check

 * Search some records, say, the method can be invoked only when the state of the object meets some 
 * kind of requirement, and can only be called in non-daemon thread.
 * @param someCriteria some kind of criteria, cannot be {@code null}, must match some pattern.
 * @param offset the offset index of the search result portion to return, cannot be less than {@code 0}.
 * @param limit the maximum size of the search result portion to return, cannot be less than {@code 0}.
 * @throws InvalidParameterException when any of the parameters are invalid.
 * @throws InvalidStateException when the object's state does not match the requirement for calling 
 *         this method
 * @throws InvalidContextException when the calling thread does not match the requirement
public List<Record> searchRecords(String someCriteria, int offset, int limit) {

  Precondition.param(someCriteria, "someCriteria").notNull();
  Precondition.param(someCriteria, "someCriteria").matchesPattern(this.someRegexPattern);
  Precondition.param(offset, "offset").greaterThanOrEqualTo(0);
  Precondition.param(limit, "limit").greaterThanOrEqualTo(0);
  Precondition.state(this.state, "stateName").matches(st -> {
    // Predicate code goes here
    return checkResult;

  // search code goes here ...

  return result;