Running the app

Open the project in Android Studio

- Build the app
- Run the app (Simulator/ Real Device - Targeted for API 22 Nexus 5 1920x1080)

About the app

Fitness application that’s used to keep track of your physical fitness data, daily calorie count, invite friends to work out together and ultimately get healthy.

App is targeted to people of any age:

o Who wants to have track of his fitness
o Change food habits to gain or lose body weight.
o Keep track of daily calorie count using Food and Physical activity data
o Compare your fitness data with friends
o Wanted to take health advices from other persons (follow their public daily meal plan / workout schedule)
o Who like to do some physical activity with friends at a gym / run-track (invite friends)


- Measures daily fitness
- Graphical Statistics
- Record Daily Food Activity
- Invite Friends by sharing location

Application Uses:

Database                  : Firebase
Login and Authentication  : Firebase, Google, Facebook
Food API                  : Nutritionix
Maps API                  : Google
Youtube API               : Google
Voice to Text Integration : Google
Step Counter              : In-built Sensor
Animations                : WasABeef, AppIntro, ProgressView

Functionalities app consists:

-Navigation Drawer
-Recycler View
-Toolbars, Menus, Floating Action Buttons
-Co-ordinator Layout
-Fragments and Activities
-User/ saved app state
-Multiple Orientation changes
-Hosting data to cloud (firebase)
-Real API Data
-Parsing JSON Data
-Async Taks and threads
-Service (Sensors)
-Content provider (Contacts Picker, SMS Manager)


Entry Steps

Entry Info

App Intro

Home Screen


Add Food

Share A Run