Simple Spring Memcached

A drop-in library to enable memcached caching in Spring beans via annotations.

Most of documentation has been moved to github but still some docs are available only on google code.


Distributed caching can be a big, hairy, intricate, and complex proposition when using it extensively.

Simple Spring Memcached (SSM) attempts to simplify implementation for several basic use cases.

(28-06-2019) New version 4.1.3 with Amazon ElastiCache, Spring 5.1/5.0/4.3 and Java based configuration support is available! SSM can also work as a cache back-end in Spring Cache (@Cacheable). Please check release notes.

This project enables caching in Spring-managed beans, by using Java 5 Annotations and Spring/AspectJ AOP on top of the spymemcached, xmemcached or aws-elasticache client. Using Simple Spring Memcached requires only a little bit of configuration and the addition of some specific annotations on the methods whose output or input is being cached.


If you are using maven, you can try it now:


and define connection to memcached on localhost using java based configuration:

public class LocalSSMConfiguration extends AbstractSSMConfiguration {
    public CacheFactory defaultMemcachedClient() {
        final CacheConfiguration conf = new CacheConfiguration();
        final CacheFactory cf = new CacheFactory();
        cf.setAddressProvider(new DefaultAddressProvider(""));
        return cf;

or in old fashion way using XML:

<beans xmlns="" xmlns:aop=""

  <import resource="simplesm-context.xml" />
  <aop:aspectj-autoproxy />

  <bean name="defaultMemcachedClient" class="">
      <property name="cacheClientFactory">
            <bean class="" />
      <property name="addressProvider">
            <bean class="">
                 <property name="address" value="" />
      <property name="configuration">
            <bean class="">
                  <property name="consistentHashing" value="true" />

Now you can annotate method to cache result:

@ReadThroughSingleCache(namespace = "CplxObj", expiration = 3600)
public ComplexObject getComplexObjectFromDB(@ParameterValueKeyProvider Long complexObjectPk) {
  // ...
  return result;

If you already using Spring Cache you may use SSM as an another back-end.

Need more? Please read getting started guide.


Project documentation is available on SSM wiki.
Javadocs of current release are hosted on
Source code from master branch is built and tested on:

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the Google Group. (UPDATE: Sorry, this link was bad up until 02 Aug '09, because I fat-fingered when creating the Google Group. I incorrectly misspelled it as 'simple-spring-memEcached'. So sorry about that!)

Also, let us know if you are using SSM in your project, and we will list it in on the Wiki.