Typesafe Config Guice

Allows Guice to @Inject configuration values into your application derived from Typesafe Config.

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Step 1:

Annotate configuration injection points (Constructors, Providers, Provider methods, Setter methods, Fields) with @TypesafeConfig("config.path.key")

Step 2:

Bootstrap your application with Guice and the TypesafeConfigModule. Configuration values annotated with @TypesafeConfig will be scanned for on the classpath, and then bound from your supplied Typesafe Config file.

Config config = ConfigFactory.load("config.conf");
Injector injector = Guice.createInjector(
    TypesafeConfigModule.fromConfigWithPackage(config, "com.my.package");
    // ... Add your other modules here

Step 3:




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