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RubiX is a light-weight data caching framework that can be used by Big-Data engines. RubiX uses local disks to provide the best I/O bandwidth to the Big Data Engines. RubiX is useful in shared storage architectures where the data execution engine is separate from storage. For example, on public clouds like AWS or Microsoft Azure, data is stored in cloud store and the engine accesses the data over a network. Similarly in data centers Presto runs on a separate cluster from HDFS and accesses data over the network.

RubiX can be extended to support any engine that accesses data using Hadoop FileSystem interface via plugins. There are plugins to access data on AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Store and HDFS. RubiX can be extended to be used with any other storage systems including other cloud stores

Check the User and Developer manual for more more information on getting started.

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