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Quark (/ˈkwɔrk/ or /ˈkwɑrk/) simplifies and optimizes access to data for data analysts by managing relationships between tables across all databases in an organization. Quark defines materialized views and olap cubes, using them to route queries between tables stored in different databases. Materialized views simplify the management of cold and hot data between a data lake and a data warehouse. OLAP cubes optimize reports by rerouting queries to cubes stored in a fast database. Quark is distributed as a JDBC jar and will work with most tools that integrate through JDBC.

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For a quick start guide and detailed documentation refer to doc

Developer Setup

Quark now uses Qubole's fork of incubator-calcite. Checkout calcite and install jars. The following code will install 1.5.0-qds-r6-SNAPSHOT

git clone [email protected]:qubole/incubator-calcite.git
cd incubator-calcite
git checkout qds-1.5
mvn install -DskipTests

Checkout and compile Quark

Make changes in incubator-calcite

You have to create a dev branch, change versions, develop and merge the changes once you are done.

git checkout -b dev_branch qds-1.5
change version to 1.5.0-qds-dev_branch in all pom.xml files. (We need to improve this)
change version in quark-calcite/pom.xml

Once you merge your changes back to qds-1.5, bump up the versions in all pom.xml files.

Release a new version of Quark

Releases are always created from master. During development, master has a version like X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT.

To create a release, the version has to be changed, compile, deploy and bump the development version.

# Change version as per
mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=X.Y.Z -DgenerateBackupPoms=false
git commit -m "Prepare release X.Y.Z" -a
git tag -a X.Y.Z -a "A useful comment here"
git push
git push --tags
# SSH to build machine if required
#Deploy to Maven Central
mvn deploy -P release
#Set new development version.
mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=X.Y.(Z+1)-SNAPSHOT -DgenerateBackupPoms=false
git commit -m "Set Development Version to X.Y.(Z+1)" -a