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This is a friendly and high performance bridge for java and lua in android. With it, you can call java functions, use java objects easily in lua. It supports auto method deduction, auto data conversion, import java package/class, multi-thread, exception handling, class extension/implementation and other facilitative features. See wiki for more detailed description.

Module luaffi, luasec, luasocket are optional package. And module lfs is embeded.

Both lua(5.1-5.3) and luajit(2.0.5 and 2.1.0-beta3) are supported.

Configure by setting LUA_LIB :=(lua or luajit) to choose the proper version.

Currently, lua 5.3.5 is in lua dir and luajit 2.1.0 beta-3 is in luajit dir.

Load the lib by in the module app or add System.loadLibrary("") to your code.

Module lib is the true library that you can embedded into your code.

Module app is a lua editor for running test in android.

Module luaffi is the ffi lib for luadroid to invoke c apis, and it requires to be statically linked


Under release mode, the bridge around 3+ times slower than jni because of consumption in method deduction and data conversion. Yet, if no argument provided, it is almost as fast as jni.

Around 2500000 method call(Math.abs) per second on my Oneplus 5 device. Around 1800000 member access plus with method call(Math.abs) per second. Note that if you run it in debug mode,CheckJni mode is enabled by the vm,and it will take away more than half of the efficiency.

Here is the test script:

  using "java.lang"
  --for method call test
  local abs=Math.abs
  local t=os.clock()
  for i=1,2.5e6 do

  --for member access test
  for i=1,1.8e6 do


For documentation,see wiki.


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