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Method call logging based on dexposed.

What's XLog?

1. XLog a method

Print method calls, arguments, return values, and the execute time by simply add @XLog to a method.

public String sayHello(String name) {
    return "Hello, " + name;
D/MainActivity: ⇢ sayHello(name="promeg")
D/MainActivity: ⇠ sayHello[0ms] = "Hello, promeg"

2. XLog a class

Log all declared methods and constructors of a class.

This includes public, protected, default (package) access, and private methods or constructors, but excludes inherited ones.

public class BaseCalculator {

    public int calculate(int i, int j){
        return i+j;

public class SampleCalculator extends BaseCalculator {


new SampleCalculator().calculate(1, 2);
D/SampleCalculator: ⇢ com.promegu.xloggerexample.SampleCalculator()
D/BaseCalculator: ⇢ com.promegu.xloggerexample.BaseCalculator()
D/BaseCalculator: ⇠ com.promegu.xloggerexample.BaseCalculator [0ms]
D/SampleCalculator: ⇠ com.promegu.xloggerexample.SampleCalculator [0ms]
D/BaseCalculator: ⇢ calculate(int=1, int=2)
D/BaseCalculator: ⇠ calculate [0ms] = 3

3. XLog more

XLog a method that you cannot access to the source code
List<XLogMethod> xLogMethods;
xLogMethods.add(new XLogMethod(TextView.class, "setText"));


textView.setText("Hello, promeG!");
D/TextView﹕ ⇢ setText(CharSequence="Hello, promeG!")
D/TextView﹕ ⇢ setText(CharSequence="Hello, promeG!", BufferType=NORMAL)
D/TextView﹕ ⇢ setText(CharSequence="Hello, promeG!", BufferType=NORMAL, boolean=true, int=0)
D/TextView﹕ ⇠ setText [0ms]
D/TextView﹕ ⇠ setText [0ms]
D/TextView﹕ ⇠ setText [0ms]
Ignore a method's log if its running time less than a time threshold

How to use XLog

1. Add XLog to your project.

XLog will do the logging only in debug builds. In release builds, XLog will do noting and the annotation itself will not present.

buildTypes {
  debug {
    minifyEnabled false  // should disable proguard in debug builds

dependencies {
  debugCompile 'com.github.promeg:xlog-compiler:2.1.1' // ~6kB
  debugCompile 'com.github.promeg:xlog-android:2.1.1' // ~150kB

  releaseCompile 'com.github.promeg:xlog-android-idle:2.1.1' // ~5kB

2. Configure XLog in your Application class

public class MyApplication extends Application {
    public void onCreate() {
                    .logMethods(List<XLogMethod> xLogMethod) //optional
                    .timeThreshold(long timeInMillis) // optional

Why not Hugo?

Hugo perform bytecode weaving to do the logging, so it cannot work with other bytecode-weaving-based libraries such as retrolambda, loglifecycle.

Moreover, Hugo cannot work on Android Library Module.

XLog solves above problems by using dexposed.


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