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A desktop application for fast UML diagramming. The idea of JetUML is to support the sketching of software design ideas with a minimum of fuss. No installation is required and the size of the application is a tiny 350Kb. Diagrams can be saved in JSON, exported to popular image formats, and copied to the system clipboard for integration with other tools. Currently supports Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams, State diagrams, Object diagrams, and Use case diagrams.

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JetUML Class Diagram


JetUML is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.

Download and Installation

JetUML requires at least Java 8. To run it on Java 8, download the jar file of the latest release. If your OS environment supports executable jars, simply double-click the jar file to start the application. If this is not possible, your can start it from the command line with java -jar file.jar (where file.jar is the name of the JetUML jar you downloaded).

For instructions on running JetUML will later versions of Java, see the installation page.

Privacy Policy and Feedback

JetUML collects no information whatsoever. We rely on you to estimate usage levels and receive feedback. If you use JetUML, please star the repo. If you use the project for teaching or research, please also let us know.

Contributing to JetUML

If you are interested in getting involved in the JetUML project, please see the Contributing Guidelines.

JetUML in the Literature

Articles that refer to JetUML. To include missing references please submit a pull request.