PMD Rule Designer

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The Rule Designer is a graphical tool that helps PMD users develop their custom rules. Main features:



The designer is part of PMD's binary distributions. To install a distribution, see the documentation page about installing PMD.

The app needs JRE 1.8 or above to run. Be aware that on JRE 11+, the JavaFX distribution should be installed separately. Visit the download page to download a distribution, extract it, and set the JAVAFX_HOME environment variable.

If the bin directory of your PMD distribution is on your shell's path, then you can launch the app with


The latest version of the designer currently works with PMD 6.23.0 and above. You can simply replace pmd-ui-6.X.Y.jar with the latest build in the installation folder of your PMD distribution.


Usage documentation is on the website

Building from source/ contributing

See for instructions to build the project from source and setup your IDE.