ShootOFF Build Status

Please visit our homepage at

There you will find the latest version of ShootOFF, Youtube videos, and more information.

You can find additional information about using ShootOFF on the wiki:


Report a bug: Through this github or Reddit:

You can email us if you do not want to use the above two options. Please be aware that our volunteer-only efforts often get overwhelmed by the number of emails: [email protected]


An open source, cross-platform framework to enhance laser dry fire training. The Shoot: Open Fire Framework (ShootOFF for short) runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows out of the box.

To work with the ShootOFF source code you will need, at a minimum:

To use Eclipse, we recommend installing E(fx)clipse and SceneBuilder as well. To generate an importable Eclipse project run: gradle eclipse

To create a runnable JAR file in build/dist (run with $ build/dist/java -jar ShootOFF.jar): gradle fxJar