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Moving on....

Thank you all for this wonderful trip to the world of Testing Automation with Stevia. We are now looking forward to our next big release, which will be called (we cannot yet tell this!!!). However, we've uploaded a teaser video for you!

Check it out...

Stevia Quick Start (10 minutes) guide

Our 10-minutes guide for using Stevia is in our wiki. Read on and start coding!

Stevia Help and Javadoc

You can browse our javadoc via this link. Our wiki contains topics of interest, let us know (via an issue) if you need clarifications. We're here to help!


The following features are supported in the current Stevia build (new features have a version next to them):

Latest in maven repositories



Cutting edge


To work with the cutting-edge version, don't forget to add the following to your pom.xml:

    <name>OSS Sonatype Snapshot Repository</name>

Who is Persado Persado

Persado’s cognitive content platform generates language that inspires action. Powered by cognitive computing technologies, the platform eliminates the random process behind traditional message development. Persado arms organizations and individuals with “smart content” that maximizes engagement with any audience, for every touchpoint, at scale, while delivering unique insight into the specific triggers that drive action.